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Your landlord is not going to be concerned about lead dust, but it is our collective job to make him concerned. Our health will be at stake during demolition and renovation work.



  • Most work is done without permits. However, even the camera/intercom work should have a permit.
  • Our building had 2 permits for a long time until I started calling. Now they have 10 posted, but they still don’t cover all the work being done.
  • E-mail Brookhill with complaint so you have an electronic trail as well.

Complaint Links

  • Take pictures
  • Call 311 or report to 311 online with photos
  • Save your complaint number
  • Call DOB investigations unit they have special task forces 212-825-3330 and will sometimes match you up with a inspector to email more pictures.
  • Mention to DOB that your building is one of 24 buildings, and that the issues you’re facing are also being faced by tenants in those buildings.