Welcome to the website of the Tenants Taking Control aka Toledano Tenants Coalition.

We’re here to share resources, experiences, and insights about life under the Toledano/Brookhill/Truman Realty regime in the East Village, NYC, and all around NYC.

There’s an alphabetical menu above.

On December 6, 2016, we served notice to Signature Bank and Madison Realty Capital that we are on to their predatory equity game, and will be taking aim at it in 2017. https://youtu.be/el-aKfR1Uzs

96dpi_poster-thanks-2On November 22, 201, members of the TTC protested the lack of cooking gas at one of the buildings owned by Brookhill Properties, at 325 East 12th Street. Tenants there have been without cooking gas since May 18th, and have filed an HP court action against Brookhill to try to force some positive action. Brookhill makes public statements about trying, while canceling appointments, seeking to blame tenants, blaming Con Edison or harping on minutiae in court proceedings, so that they can request repeated postponements in having to meet their obligation.

We’re all aware of the strategies that Toledano has used to intimidate tenants. This site is intended to help us consistently thwart his efforts whenever necessary. Remember — we are in this together, laws exist to protect us, and in this, we have strength. Let’s use it.

The Mission of the Toledano Tenants Coalition

1 To support individual tenants and buildings by:

  • educating tenants about their rights under NY rent-regulation and harassment laws.
  • putting tenants in contact with community groups and attorneys as needed.
2 To protect our rights and to remind Brookhill / Toledano of them by:

  • continuously making city agencies aware of any violations.
  • making elected officials and the press aware of patterns of violations.
3 To advocate for tenants rights in all of New York City.









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